Consulat général de France à Jérusalem

Through its cooperation in the audiovisual domain, the French Consulate in Jerusalem has a mission to promote exchange between France and the Palestinian Territories in the audiovisual discipline, and to support the structuring of the Palestinian audiovisual field. Regarding cinema specifically, our cooperation consists in supporting initiatives that help develop the Palestinian film industry and film production on the one hand; and, on the other hand, sending Palestinian filmmakers and/or producers to France and worldwide to help them access better opportunities and a greater visibility  through festivals, professional encounters or training.

La Mairie de Paris

La mairie de Paris, sise à l'hôtel de ville de la capitale, est le siège de l'administration dirigée par les élus de la ville de Paris.

Mairie de Saint-Denis

Town Hall of Saint-Denis

Mairie d’Aubervilliers


Fondation un monde par tous – Fondation de France

Linked to the Fondation de France, the Fondation un Monde par tous aims at the fulfillment of the objectives of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. More specifically, it undertakes and supports activities, fostering dialogue and exchanges between men, societies, and peoples, particularly in situations of conflict. It supports research that favors the development of the creative potentials of those who suffer from exclusion.

CFCD-Terre Solidaire

The Catholic Committee against Hunger and for Development (CCHD)-Terre Solidaire is the first French development NGO. Recognized for its public utility in 1984, it has been awarded the “Great National Cause” official label in 1993 and has a consulting role with ECOSOC (the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations). For over 50 years, CCFD-Terre Solidaire is acting against the world hunger. They support local actions in countries of the South, raise awareness of the French public of international solidarity and advocate for addressing the underlying causes of poverty.


Solidaires is a Trade Union composed of local, regional and national federations and Trade Unions. The organisation was founded in 2003 but its roots go further back into the history of unionism. Solidaires defends workers in France, whatever their origin or their culture, and works with other organisations to help young people, the unemployed, country dwellers and city dwellers. The Union works closely with numerous Trade Union organisations in France and associations abroad to keep international solidarity alive.

Les Amis d’Al Rowwad

The Les Amis d’Al Rowwad association seeks to promote and support the Palestinian culture, a means of the “Belle Résistance” (“Beautiful Resistance”). Therefore, the association supports the socio-cultural activities and the artistic creations of the Palestinian centers by showing them in France. In Palestine, it cooperates essentially with the cultural center Al Rowwad in Aida, a refugee camp near Bethlehem, and the Yes Theatre of Hebron.


The Association France Palestine Solidarité (AFPS) gathers persons concerned about peoples’ right to self-determination and the defense of human rights. Its vocation is to support the Palestinian people, namely in its fight to achieve its national right. It has more than 4.900 members distributed over a hundred groups in France.

Union Juive Française pour la Paix

The Union Juive Française pour la Paix (UFJP) is a Jewish secular association that considers that a fair and long-standing peace between Israelis and Palestinians can only be achieved by putting an end to Israel’s impunity. It is needed to bring Israel to put an end to the colonization, the apartheid and the ethnic cleansing imposed on the Palestinian people. The association supports the rights and the resistance of the Palestinian people and, at the same time, fights against all forms of racism: islamophobia, anti- Roma racism, anti-Semitism, discrimination against the migrants, etc.



A French-Belgian revue, Ballast was born late 2014: it combines a paper revue sold in bookshops with an online version. Our initial strive was about crossing perspectives, breaking silos and opening closed boxes. It’s all about mixing intellectual thought with analysis on the ground of ordinary life, keeping a unique focus on what is common to people rather than what is divisive. We’re trying to weave together politics and poetry, economy and painting, philosophy and reportage. “Change the world”, said Marx and “Change life” said Rimbaud; we want to change life and the world all together.


Mediapart is an independent and participative subscription based online media platform. It was established in 2008 out of the conviction of four journalists: François Bonnet, Gérard Desportes, Laurent Mauduit and Edwy Plenel. The other two founders are Marie-Hélène Smiéjan and Godefroy Beauvallet.


Politis is a weekly magazine, whose editorial board is directed by Denis Sieffert since 1996. Founded in 1988 by Bernand Langlois and other journalists such as Jean-Paul Besset, Michel Naudy and Rémy Galland, it deals with politics and societal issues and it takes an anti-liberal and ecologist leftist perspective. Besides, Politis proclaims to be in “defense of the public services and of the common goods of the society” and it refuses both the “omnipotent market where everything can be bought and sold” and the ideology of the clash of civilizations.

Orient XXI

Orient XXI is a free independent organisation with advertising-free screenings of films in English, French and Arabic. Politics, culture, society, economy, diplomacy… Orient XXI tackles these subjects with the support of a team of journalists, academics, social activists, and former diplomats, all of whom hold the Orient close to their hearts and want to contribute to a better knowledge of this region which is so close to our hearts and whose image is still so distorted and incomplete. Using its own methods and with contributions from many different horizons from here and there, Orient XXI offers a rich and diverse approach to this zone which is undergoing complete transformation and whose future concerns us all.  



Situated in the heart of the city, the art-house cinema l’Ecran puts on 6 to 8 films per week, keeping up to date with the very newest films. The cinema’s program includes a mix of films from around the world: French films, foreign films, heritage films, documentaries and short films. A place of exchange and discussion on film, l’Ecran organises a year-long program of visits from directors and regularly offers evening seminars on various subjects, in partnership with other cultural structures and associations in Saint-Denis.

Les 3 Luxembourg

Les 3 Luxembourg cinema in Paris is an independent art-house cinema, comprised of three screens and based in the 6th arrondissement, the same district as the Sorbonne. The cinema reopened its doors in February 2017 after renovation work which allowed the cinema to be modernised while still staying faithful to its art house décor and style.

Le Luminor

The LUMINOR Hôtel de Ville is the only cinema in the 4th arrondissement of Paris. It is an unmissable convivial place for exchange in the famous “Marais” neighborhood. All year long, their program mixes movies, films festivals or series, conferences and debates, and tributes with a core strive for dynamism and quality.

Le Studio

Le Studio is a cinema of the Art et Essai group, labeled Jeune Public (Young Public). Right in the center of Aubervilliers, within a space full of institutes and artistic and cultural initiatives, run by the Association Cinéma Le Studio, this cinema is supported by the city of Aubervilliers. Its activities in the field of image education are in line with the municipal cultural policy (Direction des Affaires Culturelles d’Aubervilliers) and the local cultural actors. Le Studio’s programming is mainly composed of art films of all genres (fiction, documentary, patrimonial films, shorts…), as well as popular quality movies. It is a space devoted to education in the visual image, and it coordinates the national initiative Ecole et cinéma on departmental scale.

Le Méliès

Le Melies cinema is the municipal cinema of the town of Montreuil, based at 12 Place Jean Jaures. Fitted with 6 screening rooms and 1120 seats, the cinema proposes a wide range of films including art-house pieces, youth events and reruns of old films.

Associations Palestiniennes

The A. M. Qattan Foundation

The A. M. Qattan Foundation (AMQF) is an independent, not-for-profit developmental organisation working in the fields of culture and education, with a particular focus on children, teachers and young artists. Founded and registered in 1993 in the UK as a charity (no 1029450) and as a charitable company limited by guarantee (no 2171893), it has had a registered branch in Palestine as a non-profit organisation (no QR-0035-F) since 1998. The Foundation’s operations are mainly in Palestine, with interventions in Lebanon through Selat: Links Through the Arts, and in the United Kingdom through The Mosaic Rooms.