Carol Mansour and Muna Khalidi
Lebanon | Jordan | Palestine | 2017 | 78 min | Documentary
Twelve Palestinian women sit before us and talk of their life before the Diaspora, of their memories, of their lives and of their identity. Their narratives are connected by the enduring thread of the ancient art of embroidery. Twelve resilient, determined and articulate women from disparate walks of life: lawyers, artists, housewives, activists, architects, and politicians stitch together the story of their homeland, of their dispossession, and of their unwavering determination that justice will prevail.Through their stories, the individual weaves into the collective, yet remaining distinctly personal. Twelve women, twelve life-spans and stories from Palestine; a land whose position was fixed on the map of the world, but is now embroidered on its face.

Carol Mansour and Muna Khalidi

Carol Mansour and Muna Khalidi


Carol Mansour is an independent documentary filmmaker. She founded Forward Film Production in 2000 in Beirut, Lebanon. With over 25 years in documentary production, Mansour has covered the world from Sri Lanka to Lebanon to Uzbekistan. She has achieved international recognition and honor for her films, with over fifty film festival screenings and official selections worldwide. Carol is Lebanese of Palestinian origin. She studied in Montreal, Canada, and is currently living and working from Beirut, Lebanon.



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