Kamal Aljafari
Germany | 2006 | 62 min | Documentary
This deceptively quiet film presents a portrait of Aljafari's family in Ramleh and Jaffa that hovers between documentary and cinematic memoir, guided by a nimble camera moving calmly but ceaselessly around the rooms of homes inhabited, damaged and ruined. The title refers to the roof missing from the house where Aljafari’s family resettled in 1948, a home unfinished, an incomplete construction project. The use of stillness and off-screen space creates a sense of suspension, of time spent waiting, of aftermath, of lives lived elsewhere. Aljafari’s striking use of his cast, his family, reveals the influence of Bresson’s use of nonprofessional actors as models whose performances emanate from their presence, not from acting. (Harvard Film Archive 2010)

Kamal Aljafari

Kamal Aljafari

Kamal Aljafari is an experimental Palestinian filmmaker born in Ramle in 1972. He attended the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne and now lives in Berlin, Germany. In 2009, he was a featured artist at the 2009 Robert Flaherty Film Seminar in New York and was the Benjamin White Whitney fellow at Harvard University in 2009-2010. Aljafari became a senior lecturer at the Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie Berlin. He was also a Film Study Center-Radcliffe Fellow at Harvard University.


Filmography : 

Visit Iraq (2003)  | The Roof (2006)  | Port of Memory (2010)  | Recollection (2015)


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