Darin J. Salam - Amjad Al-Raseed
18 MIN
Shortly after the declaration of the State of Israel in May 1948, a Mizrahi Jewish family emigrates from Tunisia to Palestine. MOUSA, the insecure head of the family, his wife RACHEL and their seven year old daughter AZIZA tries to settle into life in the city of Haifa. Entering their newly assigned home, the family is surprised by the haste with which the former Palestinian occupants must have fled. Among their many leftovers, the Jewish family finds one particularly troublesome – a big blue talking parrot called SAEED. Like an annoying poltergeist from the past, it haunts the family in their new life. The situation escalates when MOUSA invites their Ashkenazi neighbors over, hoping to benefit from the social influence of the wealthy family. The one thing he did not reckon with was SAEED telling story of days past.

Darin J. Salam - Amjad Al-Raseed

Darin J. Salam

Jordanian director Darin Sallam holds a BA in graphic design and an MFA from the Red Sea Institute for Cinematic Arts (RSICA)

To her credit are four award-winning short films including Still Alive and The Dark Outside. The latter received two 1st place awards and two special jury mentions at international film festivals, was selected to the official short film competition of the Carthage Cinematic Days Film Festival in 2012, to the Short Film Corner of the 66th International Cannes Film Festival and to many other internationally acclaimed film festivals worldwide. After The Parrot, Darin is now working on her first feature narrative film project entitled Farha, currently in development

Amjad Al-Raseed

Jordanian director and producer Amjad Al Rasheed was born in 1985 in Amman, Jordan. He Holds a BA in business administration and an MFA from the Red Sea Institute of Cinematic Arts

After receiving the Best Scenarist Award for short fiction at the First Film Production competition in Amman in 2005, Amjad started working as director, producer and production designer on music videos, short and feature films. Amjad directed 5 short films that got nominated and won prizes in many international film festivals. In 2013, he directed the popular Jordanian comedy series The Rania Show. Amjad is currently working on his first feature film, Inshallah a boy: a chapter from the fabled life of Nawal, and now he is in the pre-production phase


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