Tawfiq Saleh
Syria | 1972 | 104 min | Fiction
The Dupes is a stark, beautifully photographed black and white film tracing the destinies of three Palestinian refugees brought together by dispossession, despair and hope for a better future. The setting is Iraq in the 1950s and the protagonists, concealed in the steel tank of a truck, are trying to make their way across the border into Kuwait, the “promised land.” A masterful adaptation of Ghassan Kanafani’s acclaimed novella, Men in the Sun, The Dupes is also one of the first Arab films to address the Palestinian predicament.

Tawfiq Saleh

Tawfiq Saleh

The director of seven shorts and seven full-length feature films, Saleh graduated in 1949 in English literature and was trained in cinema in Paris until 1951. Tawfiq Saleh's oeuvre is the only one in Egyptian cinema which may be considered purely "Third Worldist". All his films deal with social injustice, underdevelopment, political abuse and the class struggle.



The Dupes (1972) Trailer المخدوعون