Mai Masri
Palestine | 1991 | 50 min | Documentary
Palestinian filmmaker Mai Masri returns to her hometown Nablus in the Israeli-occupied West Bank for the first time in 20 years. Filmed under curfew at the height of the Palestinian uprising in 1990, “Children of Fire” tells the story of the children of a city under siege, the children of the Intifada.

Mai Masri

Mai Masri

Mai Masri is a Palestinian filmmaker who studied film at UC Berkeley and San Francisco State University (USA). She directed and produced several films that were screened worldwide and won over 80 international awards. She founded Nour Productions in 1995 with her husband, filmmaker Jean Chamoun. Her first feature film, 3000 Nights (2015) had its world premiere at Toronto International Film Festival and was screened in several international film festivals where it won over 23 awards, representing Jordan at the Academy Awards for Best Foreign Film 2017 and Palestine at the Golden Globes 2017



Suspended Dream (1992) | Children of Shatila (1998) | Beirut Diaries (2006) | 3000 Nuits (2017)