Mohammad Bakri

Muhammad Bakri was born in the village of Bi'na in northern Israel. Actor and director he won the Bronze Leopard for Best Actor,  for his role in "Private" by Saverio Costanzo, at the 2004 Locarno International Film Festival. His filmography as an actor includes roles in "The Olive Harvest" by Annah Elias, "Beyond The Walls" and "Beyond The Walls II" by Iri Barabash, "Haifa" by Rashid Masharawi and "Hanna K." by Constantin Costa-Gavras. Bakri also directed two documentary films:  "1948" in 1998 and "Jenin, Jenin" in 2002. Most recently he has been featured in such film as " "La masseria delle Allodole" by Paolo and VittorioTaviani in 2007, Laila's Birthday" directed by Rashid Masharawi in 2009 and "Girafada" by RaniMassalha in 2014.