A tempestuous Palestinian love story that takes place along the Separation Wall. The story ends and Majdi decides to leave the country because his dreams and the poppies can no longer find their space along the wall. His love, Salma, tries to stop him from doing so, to no avail. Suddenly, Majdi and Salma run away from their secret love-nest near the wall, after Abu Mustapha finds them out. The tragic love story ends, and another story begins with another protagonist. The gray, giant, absurd Wall remains, however. Because it is simply an absurd film. Because cinema is frivolous; it is absurd

Director(s): Nidal Badarneh

Nidal Badarneh, born in the village of Arraba, Israel (area of Palestine occupied in 1948, as the director presented it), he studied theatre and Cinema and has produced and acted in multiple comedic plays. He has also directed short movies such as “Villagers”, “Penalty kick”, and his first documentary movie “the 30th of March.”
Nidal has recently founded a Palestinian production company called “Al Manshar for art and production”, which is an independent production company.

Duration: 10:42 min.

Production:Al-manshar art&production