They Do Not Exist (ليس لهم وجود)

The title of the film was inspired of a speech of Golda Meir – when she said: Who are the Palestinians? I don't know any people in this name, They Do Not Exist. The point here is, that if the Palestinians do not exist, then who the hell they are bombarding?! Are they bombarding ghosts?! The film includes a clear sign, through music to the case of the Palestine cause, as a civilization conflict, as a civilization that conquers another one. Eastern music was used too, with the ordinary camp life scenes, in opposite of Bach's music that goes with bombardment. This film is another try to look for a language of revolution cinema. The film They Don't Exist gained the Honor Diploma of the Leipzig Film Festival, Germany – 1974 and the prize of the Arab Criticism Union from Cartage Film Festival, Tunis, 1978. The synopsis was written by the late film director Mustafa Abu Ali.

Director(s): Mustafa Abu Ali

Mustafa H. Abu Ali was a Palestinian director, screenwriter and producer, born in 1940 in Malha and deceased in 2009 in Jerusalem. Thanks to his role within the Executive Committe of the Arab Documentary Filmmakers Union, he is recognized in the Arab filmmaking community at large and the Palestinian community more specifically. From 1971 to 1980 is was Head of the Palestinian Cinema Institute in Beirut and until 1973, he was also Chairman of the Palestinian Cinema Group at the Palestinian Research Center in Beirut. In 1975, he published “On the Palestinian Cinema”, a book written in collaboration with film crtitic Hassa Abu Ghanimah. In 2004, he re-launched the Palestinian Cinema Group in Ramallah. As director of They Do Not Exist, Mustaf H. Abu Ali has marked the Palestinian cinema and will remain as one of its greatest supporters. He has won 14 prizes from different international film festivals.

Duration: 24 min.

Production:Palestinian Cinema Institute 1974