The Palestinian city of Haifa wasn’t expecting anything despite its being enveloped by an obscure tension. Suddenly, shelling came from the east, from the mountains of Carmel. The shells flew though the midst of the city and poured into its Arab quarters. The streets of Haifa turned to chaos as terror spread in the city, which closed its shops and the windows of its houses. That happened on the 21st of April. 1948. Safia who had left her five – month old son Khaldoun, was searching for her husband Saeed amidst a surging flood of human beings. When she found him near the port, they returned home, panic- striken, in order to rescue their son. Their attempt was in vain, the shells and the British soldiers who blockaded the street hindered them from getting there. Twenty years later, after the June war of 1967, the Zionist occupation forces permitted families to visit their homes. Safia and Saeed returned to Haifa to find their son Khaldoun, now called Doff, enrolled in the Israeli reserve forces. He had been adopted by a childless Jewish family that had immigrated to Palestine in 1948. Who is the real Mother? Who is the real father ? What is a homeland ? and .. What is the way to return to Haifa .. to Palestine?

Director(s): Kassem Hawal

Kassem HAWAL

He started his artistic life in an early stage of his life, he practiced professional theatre at the age of 16, and at 18 he established a theatrical group called (Al NOUR) in his home town Al Basra, Iraq, this group produced several plays of his direction and he acted and wrote some of them. He studied theatre acting and directing (1959 - 1963). Established with his friends “Aflam Al yaum - Films Today”

Directed 28 documentaries and five features. Acted in three feature films. His films won many prizes including two in gold and two in silver medal Wrote many books about cinema and theatre, short stories and Novels. One of the founders of "the Alternative Arab Cinema" in 1972. Contributed in finding “The Arab Cinematography Union” * In 1979 he was elected as a chairman of “The Iraqi Writers, Journalists and Artists league in Exile” in Lebanon. Elected as a member of the jury and a chairman of many festivals. He was rewarded with honour in several film festivals, cultural and none cultural organizations, for his role in the Arabic and humanitarian culture


Duration: 72 min.

Production: Al Ard Film