Paper Boat

A humanitarian crisis is unfolding in the Gaza Strip, epitomized by cyclic violence and destruction, chronic fuel and water crises and one of the highest unemployment rates worldwide. The majority of the two million people are only focusing on having enough to eat and trying to find security and some form of stability in their lives. Yet among them lives a man who is different, who has a different philosophy about life – especially when it comes to family and having children. While an average number of six children is the norm in Gaza, he opposes the idea of having even one child for fear that this his child would have to endure the same hardship and slavery he and the rest of the people have to go through on a daily basis. His wife, on the other hand, has a traditional way of thinking: she wants to be a mother and she cannot wait to be so. Amidst another raging war in Gaza, the man cannot hide his fear about the idea of having a child; the only way he finds to escape the bitter reality is to lose himself in his own imagination, diving into memories of his childhood when he dreamt about sailing away in a boat made of paper.

Director(s): Mahmoud Abu Ghalwa

Mahmoud Abu Ghalwa is a Palestinian filmmaker born in the Gaza Strip in 1987. He has a wide-range of experience as photographer, screenwriter, editor, producer or director for documentary and drama films, educational series, and TV productions for local and international humanitarian organizations and media companies. In addition, Mahmoud Abu Ghalwa has participated in or directed a variety of independent cinema movie productions. In 2014, he worked as assistant director and editor for the film 'Sara 2014' which won the first prize in the Al Karama film festival in Amman, Jordan, and was nominated for the Moher Prize of the Dubai Film Festival and for an award in the Alexandria Film Festival. In 2014 he worked as technical director of the Red Carpet Human Rights Film Festival, organized in the Gaza Strip shortly after the 2014 conflict. Since September 2015 Mahmoud Abu Ghalwa is working as producer and director for the satellite channel of the United Nations Works and Relief Agency (UNRWA) in the Gaza Strip, producing content for education in emergencies or humanitarian communications. In 2016 he finalised the production of his first independent short film titled 'Paper Boat' which won the first prize in the Palest'In & Out 2016 Festival in Paris. 

Duration: 15 min.

Production:Amer Nasser , Mahmoud Abu Ghalwa