Maqloubeh (مقلوبة)

Five young students from different backgrounds share an apartment in Ramallah. They're stuck in their apartment due to a curfew and skirmishes outside. Their confinement leads them to the preparation of a Maqlubeh*. At first in disagreement over the ingredients, the friends finally find a common ground to cook the dish. Unexpected guests interrupt them before they are able to sit and enjoy the meal. * Maqlubeh: traditional Palestinian dish, the ingredients vary from town to town. The script was written by Hani Zurob. He is the Palestinian painter whose life also inspired Mars at Sunrise by Jessica Habie, which is part of the same screening. He will be there for the post-screening discussion.

Director(s): Nicolas Damuni

Nicolas Damuni was born as a Palestinian refugee in Beirut in 1973. He studied cinema in 1994-95 at Saint-Joseph University in Beirut, then moved to Paris where he graduated in 1999 from ESEC in image and sound techniques and editing and special effects. From 1999 to 2003, he is a student in acting at Cours Florent. Since then he has worked on various projects in France and the Middle East as director, editor, colorist, special effects designer and assistant director. In 2005 his work was selected for the Mediterranean Film Crossing Broders festival and in 2006 for the Berlinale Talent Campus.

Actor(s):Nabiha Lotfi, Mohammad Al-Baghdadi

Duration: 10:28 min.