The Living of the Pigeons

It's 1:30 after midnight, the cold is sneaking. The streets leading to the checkpoint named ‘300’ which allocated to cross from Bethlehem to Jerusalem are empty and silent. The apartheid wall touches the checkpoint; the coffee man is preparing his stuff, while close to him, his father who passed over his 50s already started displaying their wares on wooden planks to be seen. All awaits the arrival of hundreds of workers shortly after, and what will happen next is something that eyes don't often see.

Director(s): Baha' AbuShanab

Baha’ AbuShanab is a Film Production student at Dar Al-Kalima University College of Arts & Culture, Bethlehem/ Palestine. He received his diploma degree in Documentary Production in the summer of 2015 before eventually deciding to continue his studies and get his Bachelor degree from the same college. During his 3 years of studying he made several projects due to his college requirements, yet one of them entitled The Living of the Pigeons got the attention of various international film festivals and won some awards. For the meantime, Baha’ is studying and working as a freelancer at the same time, he aims to get his master's degree abroad in documentary film-making as a next step in his academic career.

Duration: 16 min.

Production:Dar Al-Kalima University College of Arts and Culture