La Nuit (Al Leil)

The film explores the Arab-Israeli conflict as seen through the experiences of an Arab family in newly-liberated city of Quneitra, headed by a resistance fighter.

Director(s): Mohamad Malas

Mohammad Malas (Arabic: محمد ملص‎‎) (born 1945) is a prominent Syrian filmmaker. Malas directed several documentary and feature films that garnered international recognition. He is among the first auteur filmmakers in Syrian cinema.


  • A Dream of a Small City (1970)
  • Quneitra 74 (1974)
  • The Memory (1977)
  • Dreams of the City (1983)
  • The Dream (1987)
  • Chiaroscuro (1990)
  • The Night (1992)
  • Moudaress (1996)
  • Passion (2005)
  • Ladder to Damascus (2013)

Duration: 119 min.

Production:Organisme national du cinéma; Maram for cinema, Libanon; La Sept, Frankreich