Jenin Jenin

Mohammad Bakri films in Jenin refugee camp after the atrocities of April 2002. He records the testimonies of local residents, men, women and children. Bakri’s movie provides residents permission to speak. As his previous production “1948”, Bakri records testimonies of the Palestinian collective memory.

Director(s): Mohamad Bakri

Mohammad Bakri was born in the village of Bi’neh in the Galilee in 1953 and went to elementary school there. He attended high school in Haifa and studied acting and Arabic literature at Tel Aviv University from which he graduated in 1976.

Since that year Bakri has been acting professionally at various theatres in Israel and Palestine.

He appeared in one-man plays which he adapted to the stage and directed as well.

  • “The Pessoptimist,” based on the eponymous novel by Palestinian writer Emil Habibi, is perhaps the most popular of Bakri’s one-man plays.
  • “The Anchor” is another such play written by Syrian author Hanna Mina.
  • The play, “Abu Marmar” about Palestinian prisoners, was written by Bakri himself.

As an actor

  • “Hanna K.” (1983) by Greek director Costas Gavras;
  • “Haifa” (1995) by Rashid Mashharawi;
  • “The Milky Way” by Ali Nassar,
  • “Beyond the Walls” (1984), nominated for an Oscar as Best Foreign Language Film at the 1984 American Academy Awards,
  • and “Beyond the Walls II” (1994), both by Uri Barabash;
  • and “Private” (2004) by Italian director Saverio Costanzo and which won the Golden Leopard award for best actor at that year’s Locarno International Film Festival.
  • Leila’s Birthday - Rashid Mashharawi.

As a movie director Bakri has two documentary films to his credit:

  • “1948” and
  • “Jenin …Jenin,” the film that he made following the Israeli incursion into the Jenin refugee camp in 2002 and which created a lot of controversy in Israel, with most movie theatres refusing to screen it.
  • Since you’re gone

Duration: 54 min.

Production:Iyad Tahar Samoudi