Ben, an israeli jew, has been actively supporting the palestinian popular struggle against the occupation for ten years now. He has experienced injuries, arrests, abuse and death of close friends. For years he has been taking part in demonstrations, actions and protests, fighting alongside Palestinians against their oppression through the state of which he ́s a citizen of. But the current wave of unarmed popular struggle, which began with the building of the separation wall, has since shrunk substantially. The wall is built, the settlements are fact, the occupation stronger than ever. In a time when the vast majority of Israelis support their government ́s racist policies, Ben keeps on going. In the last five years he has found himself a political home away from home – the small village of Nabi Saleh in the west bank, where the local group of activists continue to resist the stealing of their land and water through the settlement across the valley. With this small community * Ben continues to participate in the demonstrations friday after friday, continues to believe that co-resistance leads to co-existence, that life together is possible when one only, as the activists of the village say, removes the occupation from his head.

Director(s): Dror Dayan

Dror Dayan was born in west Jerusalem in 1981. He studied cinematography for diploma and master class at the Film University “Konrad Wolf ” Babelsberg in Germany, and is currently a PhD candidate in the Bourne-mouth University in the UK, researching the political aspects of documentary film. “Even Though my Land is Burning” is his master class graduation film and directorial debut. He is also writing for different online and print publications on political and cultural issues.


As DoP:

2013: „Limbo“, Documentary, Free University Berlin, Director: Asal Akhavan

2012: „Refuge“, Short, HFF / Minshar for the Art. Director: Timna Peretz.

2011: „Arbeitswege“, Documentary, HFF/RBB, Director: Daniel Abma.

2011: „Filmfestival Cottbus Trailer 2011“, Spot, HFF, Director: Daniel Abma.

2010: „Stranger“, Music-clip, HFF, Director: Dror Dayan

2010: „Diebe“, Short, HFF, Director: Lydia Dykier

2010: „Solamente Mio“, Short, HFF/ARTE, Director: Ester Amrami

2010: „Zwei Männer und ein Tisch“, Short, HFF, Director: Ester Amrami

2010: „HaJoreh – Der erste Regen“, Short, HFF/RBB, Director: Ester Amrami

2009: „47166“, Documentary, HFF, Director: Lydia Dykier

2008: „Nachtgebet“, Short, Rising-Star/Medienboard Berlin. Director: Doreen Rechin.

Duration: 94 min.

Production:Dror Dayan