Cantique des pierres (نشيد الحجر)

Canticle of the Stones tells the story of two Palestinian lovers, now in their forties. They had barely fallen in love nearly twenty years earlier when he was imprisoned for political activity. She ran off to the United States to overcome her grief. Years later, she comes back to Jerusalem to study the Intifada's impact on Palestinian society only to find him released from prison. Against a backdrop of resistance and repression, they fall in love again.

Director(s): Michel Khleifi

Michel Khleifi was born in 1950 in Nazareth and lived there until 1970. He moved to Brussels to attend film and theater school INSAS (National Higher Institute of Performance Arts and Broadcasting Techniques). He graduated in 1977 in direction for theater, radio and television. He is the best known of Palestinian directors in Europe. From his very first long feature film, La mémoire fertile (1980), he has chosen to tell the story of the Palestinian people his own way mixing poetic metaphor with documentary discipline.

Actor(s):Bushra Karaman, Makram Khoury

Duration: 110 min.

Production:Sourat Films, CBA, RTBF, ZDF, Channel 4