The Festival Ciné-Palestine (FCP) is pleased to invite you to attend its 5th edition, which will be held from May 30 to June 10, 2019 at its partner cinemas: the Luminor Hotel de Ville and the Cinema Les 3 Luxembourg in Paris, theMéliès Cinema in Montreuil, the Cinema l'Ecran in Saint-Denis, the  Cinema Jean-Vigo  in Gennevilliers, the 3 Cinés Robespierre in Vitry-sur-Seine and the Studio in Aubervilliers.


Since our first edition in 2015, the FCP has promoted to French audiences a Palestinian cinema which is rich and varied. In particular the FCP supports a new generation of artists present in all areas of filmmaking creation, including the most innovative.

To celebrate this 5th edition, the FCP is pleased to program about twenty films and to welcome seventeen guests, directors, actors and producers that will be present to meet and converse with the audience after the screenings.

Always on the lookout for the latest movies not yet released in France, the Festival Ciné Palestine opens its 5th edition with the advance-screening of Mafak-Screwdriver by Bassam Jarbawi.

Particularly sensitive to the sharp eye of international filmmakers who find in Palestine a story of struggle worthy of being told and staged, the Cine-Palestine Festival this year presents two favorite films, Gaza Ghetto by PeÅ Holmquist (1985) and the Apollo of Gaza by Nicolas Wadimoff (2018).

To denounce the constant violence in the Gaza Strip since the beginning of the blockade in 2007, the FCP wishes to highlight films produced there: today's stories but also timeless stories that allow us to perceive and analyze the huge changes that have taken place in this territory in such a short time.

Rashid Masharawi, one of the most prolific filmmakers in Gaza, will be honored in a Master Class that will cover his filmmaking career.

Young, emerging Palestinian filmmakers also have their place in this 5th edition. A "New Generation"short film contest is dedicated to them.

As we’ve done each year, an open-air event is planned in front of the Saint-Denis Basilica. With itsmany surprises, both adults and children will be delighted.  

The closing ceremony will take place at the Le Studio cinema, preceded by a roundtable on the heritage and preservation of Palestinian film heritage archives with Bashar Shammout and Khadijeh Habashneh. Ours is a Country of Words (2017) by Mathijs Poppe, a poetic movie, full of hope, will conclude the 2019 edition of the Cine Palestine Festival. 



Who are we?

The Festival Ciné-Palestine is the initiative of a group of Palestinian cinema lovers. A festival organizing committee and the Palestinian Film Festival in Paris Association were formed to back this project. This association is a legal structure which coordinates the aspects of artistic content, partnerships and fundraising.

The Festival's organizing committee, composed of volunteers, is structured into thematic working groups in which the skills and interests of each person work to serve the promotion of Palestinian cinema.

Surpassing the restrictions imposed by borders, the FCP offers Palestinian artists the opportunity to meet their audiences and creates a space for discussions, meetings and debates about Palestinian cinema.

Since the creation of the Festival, collaborative work, training and quick empowerment of new volunteers who join the association each year are at the heart of the operation of the FCP, and make it a collective experience and a rich human adventure. Join us!