The primary objective of the Festival, entirely dedicated to the Palestinian cinema, is to put the contemporary Palestinian filmmakers at the center of the scene and to bring to the light an important production, of high artistic quality, that receive little exposure in France. It constitute therefore the first initiative of this kind, considering the scope of the event, devoted first of all to the cultural aspect and to the diversity of Palestinian cinematographic forms of expressions.

With this project, we hope to overcome the limited exposure of the Palestinian cinema in France, mainly provided by the associations and the solidarity movement. So far, and only exceptionally, a few important productions have been broadcasted.

By the means of cinema, the Festival that aims at being first and foremost a cultural and artistic event, intends to show the image of a living society with a unique cinematographic production. The initiative aims at introducing to the public the contemporary Palestinian cinema as a specific entity within the Arab world.

Through this event, we wish to present to the French public an alternative insight, in this case an artistic one, into the realities of the Palestinian people, and more broadly into the situation in the Middle East. The films made by the Palestinian artists allow to go beyond preconceptions and stereotypes in the way they tell universal stories, reachable by all.

Thus, we hope the Festival will offer the opportunity to discover, meet and bring together artists with the perspectives of developing new projects and promoting a professional network with the French cinema.